In Eritrea we are at home. Let us guide you!!!

We are a young and dynamic Tour Operator based in Asmara (Eritrea) with branch in Massawa, estabilished in 1991, and among the most professionals and reliable one.

The owners are eritreans and of eritrean origin, and we can rely on very professional  english/italian/german/amharic  speaking guides with a deep knowledge of the countries and their people, and drivers who have sufficient field training to enable them be both drivers and guides and be able to solve excellently the usual problems and setbacks that can occur during a journey.

Ours is a flexible structure always directly on site, including the management of the dhows and fast boats in the Red Sea, to ensure maximum reliability in each circumstance.

With a deep knowledge of the country, its history, culture and traditions, we have direct and constant experience in managing all difficulties and problems that may arise during the tour, their solution and personally monitor, in real time, the security state of each area we visit.

For any destination in Eritrea we feel able to make a “tailored” journey and satisfy all our customers wishes, doing our best to make every trip an unforgettable experience. 

Our services. 

• Scheduled tour, on fixed dates, were you will join an international groupù

• Individual tour, tailored according your wishes

• Cruises on the Red Sea to the Dahlak Islands, from only rental of the boat to a fully equipped camp.

• Transfer from/to airport, 

• Half-day and full day excursion; 

• Special interest tours for small or large groups with specific interests: religious, naturalistic, historical, archaeological, sporting, scuba diving, fishing etc.

• Tailored tours: our staff will be happy to design a tour in accordance with your needs and wishes,  all our resources and skills are at your disposal ;

• Services for independent travellers: we recognise that many travellers wish to visit the countries without joining organized groups. We can meet their requirements: from ticketing office and insurance services, to the design of a general itinerary of accomodations, cars, boats, flights and trains booking, advise on how to resolve the most common contingencies, and finally a precious and reliable point of reference all along their trip. 

• Cars, buses, boats and train hire;

We can deal with all take care of any journey detail and, if the interest is not only as a tourist, we can act as consultants through our sister companies for investments, new commercial enterprises and other needs.

In Eritrea we are at home. Let us guide you!!!

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